About Me

My favorite word in life, especially regarding this industry, would be “passion”. Passion is at the very center ofeverything I do as well as creativity. As a little girl, my mother would always sit down with my sister and I to do as many arts and crafts we could get our hands on. That led me to participate in several art shows throughout elementary school and middle school, and eventually to doing many friends hair and make up for various events through high school. I’ve always done as much as I can to artistically express myself. Upon graduating High School I attended college hoping to get a degree in fashion journalism, as I always loved writing as well. Not too soon after though, I realized that my true passion lied in being more hands on in the fashion shows, magazines, and ads I had loved so dearly.

                I started out in the Make Up and Hair industry a little over 6 years ago. I attended a Paul Mitchell partner school in Virginia Beach, graduating in 2009. Within a few months I received not only my cosmetology degree, but instructor’s license as well. I then went back to the same school, becoming a part of the Admissions team, and also instructing classes. In the two and a half years of working there, I attended various trainings through the Paul Mitchell systems. With some reluctance, I decided to leave late in 2012 to pursue my career in the print and commercial industry, while also working in a local salon. In January 2015,  I left the salon I was employed at for two years, in order to further my career freelancing within this industry.

"...I consider myself “one of the lucky ones”. I do what I love, and I love what I do…"

                I now work as a fully independent freelance Make Up and Hair Artist. My specialist areas include beauty, avante garde, high fashion prints, various commercial print ads, TV Commercials, and some Film productions. With each new project I look to broaden my skills and further enhance my experience and exposure within the industry. I’ve never been more dedicated or focused on my career as I am at this moment.Every day I consider myself “one of the lucky ones”. I do what I love, and I love what I do… every day of my life. I instill that passion in every project I take on, and hope to inspire others to do the same. I wish to evoke emotion and perfection in everything I do. I love the diverse and creative people I continually meet through my work, they have all inspired me in one way or another. I feel that I provide a certain passion and attention to detail that leaves actors, models, clients, and myself alike satisfied with the outcome of any project I take part in.